Two weeks with Uruz started like a bull! I found myself in a conflict where I had to remain strong. The easy route was to give in to the “bullying” and do whatever I could to resolve the conflict quickly, even though I felt the other party were being spiteful. It was difficult for me because I was upset that they were unhappy and I felt responsible in some way.  Uruz made sure I held strong. It was a lesson in business, and a great experience for dealing with discomfort. Uruz himself was showing up in my life in other ways. I was at a workshop where we were making our own Oracle cards and was struck by a magazine photo of bison running the plains. I went to see a movie – The Revenant – and again was struck by a scene in the movie where a herd of Bison was running the through the wild, one of them being taken down by a pack of wolves. I also took my mom to dinner, and noticed our restaurant choice – Longhorn Steakhouse – was very fitting for Uruz.

Uruz is about strength, which is NOT comfortable.

Becoming strong requires one to step out of the comfort zone. It’s obvious to me know, but I must admit before living with Uruz for 2 weeks I did not make this connection. Uruz is more physical than Fehu. It is the health and strength gained in Midgard and more masculine. I began to see my desire to be stronger and have fortitude. I have always been interested in being a Wilderness Guide but it was never practical. Uruz showed me it wasn’t “practical” because I was telling myself that it wasn’t practical. For sure I need to increase my physical strength in order to be in the wilderness for longer periods of time. I also want to invest in training to ensure I thrive in the outdoors. I have lined up some activities for this purpose and will have at least two outdoor adventures this year. I spent the last two weeks planning for trips I can take. I am looking at going to Utah in September and Iceland in December. These trips are week long and guided. I love to travel, and have been to Europe alone but stayed in Hostels, but never had the fortitude to spend a week outdoors in a tent. A night or two is fine, but hiking in and spending the night outdoors was too risky. To many variables, to much responsibility, too much on the line if problems arise.  If all goes well with my travel this year and I still feel the energy around this I am feeling now then I will get my Wilderness Guide certification and begin guiding trips in 2017!
Once I realized that this was something I really wanted to explore I became aware of places in my body where I felt weakness, stress and pain. It will take work and discipline to get into shape. These could easily be excuses not to go forward, and I am struggling to overcome them. But the more I think about walking this path, the more excited I get. I feel the energy of this moving me forward, like the stampeding bison of The Great Plains.

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