Uruz is the male counterpart to Fehu, the mighty bull. Specifically it relates to the Auroch, a primordial bull that was huge and forceful. This rune is masculine to Fehu’s feminine quality.  It represents health, strength, and force. With great strength and force comes great responsibility, however. Too much Uruz is as uncontrollable as a raging bull. There is no stopping the energy once it starts, it must wind down on its own.

Recently, during a ceremony held to build power for Standing Rock, I had a journey where I became the Bison. During this journey I was one of large herd and I could feel the strength in my legs, the breath moving in an out of my lungs, and the cold air through my hair. During this run, we circled the protesters by running around the camp building a cone of power to protect,  heal, and energize the camp. We were an impenetrable wall. A few days after this ceremony, the DAPL project was put on hold for an indeterminate amount of time.

Uruz is my healing container, creating space for healing and sending the power I needed to heal.

In doing some research on Bison, I learned that they form their herd by placing the youth in the center, the elders outside of them, the mothers outside of them and finally the strong males on the outside with their horns out ready to protect the rest. This resonated with my vision in that the male bison were outside, protecting those that are not as strong.  

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