Fehu and Uruz represent the feminine and masculine energies, and Thurisaz brings the family to completion by representing the child energy.  Thurisaz has a very aggressive energy. Its basic meaning is ‘thorn’ and also is representative of Thor’s hammer. This rune is associated with the Norse god Thor. Thor fought against the giants to keep the humans of Midgard safe in the Norse mythos.

A ring of thorn creates a boundary, and Thor’s hammer can smash anything to pieces. I imagine that swinging his hammer would have created a boundary around Thor. Those in his vicinity would have head for the hills!

Thurisaz shows me that the best way to work with it was to pair it with another rune that would clarify the intent of the work.

 The word ‘thurs’ means ‘giant’ in Icelandic. Thurisaz also represents the giants, and their conflict with Thor. Giants are known for fostering chaos, thus Thor works to contain this chaos and keeping it in check requires balance. My vision around this is trying to hold something slippery. Grab to hard and it will slip away from you and get loose.  Examples for pairing this rune in workings are include a pairing with Algiz would yield protection for self and others, with Othala protection of the family and home, and with Raido a protection of a journey.

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