Ansuz is associated with communication, exerting your will, and using vibration to manifest. This rune is associated with Odin, who hung from the world tree Yggdrasil for 9 days in order to learn the runes. He is the apex God of the Norse Pantheon.

In Midgard this week I took a few classes that taught communication and expression. This being the week of Ansuz and communication, it is very fitting they fell during this time. The classes helped me to understand how to standing by my thoughts, feelings and emotions. It gave tools for expressing them when necessary and without apology in professional settings. I create the space I travel through this world in. I do this through emotion, action and speech. This comes from my words, body language, thoughts, intention, and energy systems. When these are in alignment so there is no confusion or feelings of overwhelm in my interaction with the world. When these feelings exist, I know there is disharmony among my systems.

I have a lot more confidence in talking about my path to others. Recently, I had conversations to express some of my pain points, and made myself vulnerable. I got great advice from these conversations and was able to see my way through overcoming some of my fear and resistance about moving forward on my path. Since then, I have a lot of activity around my rune work. A friend of mine invited me to a retreat, and asked that I give rune readings during it. This is a great opportunity to broaden my client base and it came without prompting. She was aware of my gifts as I have given her a reading. This invitation came shortly after I committed myself to keeping up with the posts on Runic Path.

It seems the expression of my commitment has opened doors. Since the opportunity is here, I must take it. If I don’t the energy will dissipate as it has in the past. When I have expressed intentions in the past, the doors usually open immediately. This has always been overwhelming for me and I have declined the offers presented to get my bearings. It was much more difficult to get the energy moving again when I was “ready”. Ansuz taught me these two weeks to speak my intent and then accept the opportunities that come or risk the well drying up.

I recently had a superpower reading with my friend and coach Nancy Nicholas who told me that mine gift was the gift of PLAY. This is very fitting for me because I usually approach things from a serious perspective. I want to accumulate as much information and training before I practice. However, I learn and grow much faster when I practice first, and then begin seeking out further information and training. My “learn it first” approach causes blocks and stagnation in the development of the endeavor because I am stressed that I will never know all I need to know to be able to practice, or build, or achieve. There is always more training and knowledge to be had. If I wait until I get all of it, I will never start.

When I feel this way now, I will come at the situation with the spirit of PLAY to open up the floodgates of creativity and flow.

I ask you to look at your own life. Where are you struggling and why? What would happen if you decided to come at it from the opposite angle? My hunch is you would find your superpower.



Ansuz has always been about self expression for me.

During my 2 + weeks with Ansuz I noticed that in situations where I hide or decide to “not disclose” my true self,  I am doing a disservice to myself and my gifts. I am more aware of oppressive environments, situations where I feel like my true self wouldn’t be accepted. I am making inroads to removing myself from these groups and focusing on activities that can express and grow my gifts in my way.  The reason I am so confused and afraid in my life is because I am trying to be something I am not. I don’t necessarily know what those things are, but I know that some of the instances where I keep to myself are because I feel I would be misunderstood if I were to say what is really on my mind. I also don’t want to take responsibility for having that opinion.


Ansuz showed me there is more to my mission in this human form and I have to cultivate an open discussion with Odin and the other gods to find out what that is. Practicing self expression, as difficult and scary as it may be, will allow me to find the untrodden place where all sides of me can flourish and bring value to others. I am taking longer than two weeks with each rune. Some of this is procrastination in writing what I experience. I also realize I might not need two weeks for some runes, just as I might take longer with others. I can feel the new rune emerging and know when it’s time to work with it.
In a reading that I did for myself, Tiwaz very prominently appeared and I took some time with it. My query was about my destiny and both Perthro – the destiny rune – and Tiwaz were merkstave. Jera was also present but in a sideways, or blocked position. I could see that the fruits of my labor were present, but I wasn’t allowing them. My warrior destiny could not emerge until I had allowed the harvest of all the knowledge I have come to sow over the last few years. Soon after the reading I spent some time with a friend, and as I came out of her house there was a Tiwaz branch, pointing to the right as if to say it was coming around. I kept that branch as a reminder to always stand upright and be true.