Walking the path is not easy. That’s what makes it a worthwhile experience. I struggle with a balance of privacy and expression. It seems my fear is rejection, loneliness, and exhaustion if I express myself. I often feel like I am explaining myself because I have so many interests and ideas that people wonder where I am coming from.  I recently moved and used that as an excuse to “nest”. I stayed home and binged on Netflix. I felt horrible. In the last two weeks I have been putting myself into social situations again, even if I feel like I don’t want to go. I have been paying attention to situations and how I feel in them, and learning how to deal with the uncomfortable ones and seek out more of the nurturing ones. I started this process months ago, and used the move as an excuse to backslide into Hermitville. Alas, life is not lived from your living room (despite the name)…

When I journey to Raido the path is always dirt, stone or rock. It winds through a wood or up a steep slope. It requires work, and it offers reward for the effort.


I was listening to a webinar today and the presenter said “We have plenty of spiritual teachers, but not enough spiritual doers.” That resonates with me because while I have gotten wisdom from spiritual teachers and insight from others perspective, the most profound learning has come from inside and usually in the process of doing something. Taking classes, reading books, thinking I need just a bit more knowledge before I go applying what I know puts me into a stuck state. Self-discovery may be slow coming at times, but it always comes when I am ready. More to the point, I believe all the knowledge is available to me at any time, but it is only when I am ready to access the information that I will be able to comprehend it. I understand now what it means to enjoy the journey; it is what we are here for, with all the slopes and bends in the road put there for the experiences we take from it. Joy is had in the doing, not in the done.

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