My Year with The Runes

This is the beginning of my year with the runes. I was introduced to them over Samhain 2014 when I was called to participate in a retreat in Glastonbury, England. The circumstances that called me there were signs from a force greater than myself. I fell in love with the tales of the Norse Gods and the Nine Worlds that my teacher spun. I understood the purpose of the trip was to meet the runes and learn how to journey. When I came home I signed up to study the runes with another shaman. I have studied for all of 2015 but know how much more there is to learn. This morning I had the idea that I was going to immerse myself in the runes this year, and since there are 24 Elder Futhark runes, the way is to spend 2 weeks living and breathing each. I will be looking for evidence of the rune in my life, I will journey to the rune to ask for teachings, and look through the aspect of the rune in my communications and decision making. The next two weeks I will be communing with Fehu, the first Elder Futhark rune. She is known for her association with the Norse Goddess Freya and symbolizes fertility, prosperity, and wealth.

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