Fehu 2017

In the Elder Futhark, the first rune is Fehu. Her time of year is the January 1 through the 15th of the calendar year if you are using the Gregorian calendar. Every year I spend two weeks living and pondering the ruling rune of the wheel of the year.

Fehu is the rune of material abundance. It represents the cow, which historically was a sign of wealth. Cows are not the most liquid asset. They provide bounty in the form of milk, meat and hide. Surely, owners of a cow will not go hungry. The bounty can be traded for other things of value. They have seasons to their life: growing, producing, and reaping.  A lone cow is only worth what it can generate during its life. A pair of cows, however, can be a renewable asset.  More can be produced with a pair.Eventually they will die whether they are used wisely or not. If they are not cared for, they will die even sooner.

From the modern perspective, we can take lessons from Fehu to make the most of the wealth that we come into and to share excesses with our communities. Abundance implies an overflow of bounty and this must be shared or spoiled. When it is shared the community thrives, it doesn’t need to work as hard, and there is more time for rest and play. Breaking of bread is done together with friends and family.  How the overflow is spent creates the world. The products and services that we buy as beget more of the same.

Be wise in how we share our excess wealth, and the excess that we keep needs to be tended and cared for. It should be used to produce more of itself to be of most benefit.


As I plan my year of adventure (because every year is the opportunity for adventure) and look to where I will spend my overflow, I always get concerned that I might not have enough. This has never been the actual case. When I have the desire to do something, it is because the means are present. The fact that I have a full year of experiences planned is the indication that I have wealth. If I were to be more conservative in my plans, that overflow would be spoilt on things that would come up to spend it. I would have more car repairs, or weddings, or birthday parties to attend. Nature abhors a vacuum and will spend money if it is left sitting for too long. Fehu says to be sure to keep some money aside for the future, but make it “work” by producing more of itself by being invested wisely in a vehicle that keeps it growing.
After looking over my post last year, I see I am still learning new things from this rune and anticipate next year will yield even more growth!

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